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SharePoint 2010 Workflow Task cannot be completed

By Lin Zhang on 06 June 14

How to solve the problem where SharePoint 2010 Workflow Task cannot be completed after you mark it as complete.

I created a simple SPD workflow (SharePoint 2010) with just two lines:
    1) Assign a To-do item "Test" to myself
    2) Log a message "job's done" to history list
I then ran the workflow which created a task "Test" for myself;
I open the task and click "Complete Task" and the dialog box was closed;
Then in the task list, the "Status" column for the task has been changed to "Completed", but the "% Complete" and the "Outcome" columns remained empty, which are supposed to be "100%" and "Completed".
The workflow does not continue to step 2 (log the message to history list) and the workflow status remains "In Progress".

Download "SharePoint Manager 2010" and open it on your SharePoint Server.
Change the values of "Title" and "StaticName" for "Task Status" field, then Save the changes.


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