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How to publish an administrator-approved form template (SharePoint and InfoPath)

By Lin Zhang on 20 June 14

You have created an InfoPath form and you want to publish this form as an administrator-approved form template. This article shows you how you can do this.

Create you form using InfoPath Designer 2010.

Then go to "File >> Publish >> SharePoint Server"

The enter your site or sub-site URL (e.g., http://sharepoint/sitename)

Then do the following:

Put in a path to your local drive. This will save the from into your local computer:

Then login to your SharePoint server and open "Central Administration"; go to “General Application Settings >> Manage form templates”. Then click “Upload form template”.

After it’s uploaded. Click the newly added template to bring up the drop down menu. Click “Activate to a site collection”.

Then browse to your SharePoint site and go to the site collection you activated the template to; go to “All site contents >> Form templates”. You will find your form templates there.





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